Seattle’s Burke-Gilman Trail ‘Missing Link’ Comment Period Closes August 16th


On August 9th, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) hosted an open house regarding the missing link of the Burke-Gilman Multi-Use Trail through the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  There were 100 people in attendance and brief presentations were made by Mark Mazzola (SDOT) and Richard Weinman, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) consultant.


The comment period for feedback on the project and its potential route options closed on Friday August 16th.  There was great frustration by the meeting attendees that the comment period was closing just 8 days after this public meeting, even though it was open for 30 days after it was originally announced on July 17th.

The Cascade Bicycle Club has been advocating for the completion of this missing link for over a decade, and they have an comment form to submit feedback from their website.

There has been a great deal of controversy (Seattle Times Article, 2010) regarding the ‘missing link’ project including a lawsuit brought against the city by the local Ballard industrial landowners. (Seattle Times Editorial, 2013)

According to the consultants, the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which will compile all of the comments with additional research, is not likely to be released until March 2014.  The EIS process includes three steps: Scoping, a Draft EIS, and a Final EIS.  The initial comment period is part of the data collection for the Scoping.  Then in March 2014 they will present alternative routes based on the Scoping process.  That feedback will result in a Final EIS with a preferred route.  The entire process is expected to take one year.

As the process moves forward, you can sign up to receive e-mail updates on the status of the ‘missing link’.


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