Settling in Copenhagen, Instant Cycling Inspiration

I am finally getting settled in Copenhagen for my three month internship with the urban design firm Schulze + Grassov.

It is amazing how difficult it is to obtain housing in Copenhagen.  The only reason that I have had a place to live if because of contacts in the city.  I will move into a more permanent living situation this weekend.

In the meantime, I purchased a bike and I have been riding all over the city.  My very first weekend I went for a 60 mile ride up the coast to Helsingør. It rained a little on me but it was a fantastic ride.  It was a mix of urban riding with a majority of more suburban and rural streets.  I was not even trying to find interesting examples of bicycle infrastructure and they just jumped out!

Rural Cycle Track

This is a simple way that I saw bicycle infrastructure being combined with basic green stormwater infrastructure in a more suburban setting.  There is a cobble drainage trench that served to divide the car lane and the bicycle lane.  It also slows water and allows for a minimal amount of infiltration.  One could debate as to if this would qualify as a cycle track to the right of the cobble trench, but based on US standards, I would consider it protected and grade separated cycle track.

StrandboulevardenAnimationThis is Strandboulevarden in the Østerbro neighborhood.  This is an example of a true grade-separated cycle track (highlighted by the yellow paint).  The exciting idea for me is how the median of the Boulevard could be used for both green stormwater infrastructure and parking.  When I followed this street further the other interesting feature was how it adjusted to the road width, sometimes parallel parking, sometime angle in parking, sometimes no parking.

There is so much to see and document here in Copenhagen.  I have many more inspiring examples of bicycle infrastructure and urban design and I am promising myself to be less “precious” with my posts.


One response to “Settling in Copenhagen, Instant Cycling Inspiration

  1. Good stuff, Mike. I really like the cobble drainage solution, most of the benefits of which you pointed out. What you didn’t mention, is that it is also quite beautiful.

    Perhaps this is a US point of view, but I agree in your qualification of this as protected and grad separated. VEry cool. Keep up the observations!

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