Meeting with the Public Space Intervention Pros

IMG_1805This is a post that I wrote for my Green Futures Lab / Scan Design internship. Jordan Lewis and I are focusing on “Adapting Streets for a SharedRight of Way” and are in the midst of writing a book on the subject. We have had access to some inspiring individuals and projects here in Copenhagen!

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We have had the good fortune to get to meet with some of the celebrated and established public space intervention professionals of today while here in Copenhagen.

Bettina Lamm at KogeTwo weekends ago we got to tour the “Urban Play” project in Køge (45 minutes south of Copenhagen) with Bettina Lamm (pictured above left), installation co-curator and professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen.  The idea of the project is to create “life before the city” on a post industrial site that is slated to be redeveloped.

JohnBela_KogeBettina was accompanied by John Bela (pictured above center), co-founder of Rebar and Park(ing) Day, who was invited to create several installations as part of Urban Play, and happens to be “in-residence” at Gehl Architects this month.  He spoke specifically to “iterative place making” and how these types of interventions function in the development of quality public spaces.

This past weekend…

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