The Everyday Bicycle Commute, Becoming A Part of Something

MikesCommuteMapThis is now my second week of bicycle commuting from West Amager (a “remote” neighborhood of Copenhagen), through the city center to my urban design firm Schulze + Grassov in Frederiksberg.  The trip is about 4.5 miles (just over 7 km) and takes about 22 minutes. (at relaxed average speed of 12 mph)

MorningCommute1Along the way you see quite a few cyclists, but once you turn left to head over the bridge on Amager Blvd (which becomes H. C. Andersens Blvd going right past the Town Hall Square) it is unlike anything you are likely to experience.  At one point last week I turned around and counted at least 40 bicycle commuters with me stopped at a light (the image here was taken on a different day with slightly lighter traffic).

CommuteBicycleCounterI can even tell if I am running on time if the bicycle counter is close to 3000 bicycles for the day (at 8:45am).  To give you a comparison, the one year old bicycle counter on the Fremont bridge in Seattle has a daily average of less than 3000 cyclists per day.

MoreBikeCommutersI have literally ridden my bicycle every day I have been here in Copenhagen since I purchased my bike (37 straight days).  It is just a part of everyday life and how people get around the city. I feel very fortunate to be experiencing this cultural phenomena every day…getting to be a part of something larger than myself, a part of the city.


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