Seattle Mayor & Bicycles: Follow Up

Following up to my post from earlier in the week “Seattle Mayoral Race Could Be Decided Over Bicycle Infrastructure” Seattle Mayoral Candidate Ed Murray clarified his original comment regarding the Missing Link “I took a look at it, and it seems potentially dangerous. I think it needs a second look.”

State Senator Ed Murray

State Senator Ed Murray

Murray responded with the following comments:

“Yesterday I made some comments to the Seattle Times expressing concerns about safety issues related to the fact that bikes and trucks will have to share a narrow roadway in Ballard under the cycling community’s preferred option for completing the trail. I want to clarify those remarks, because reading them over I realize that my tone came off as overly skeptical regarding that option.

The Burke-Gilman is a treasured part of our regional trail system in Seattle and it is vital that we complete this ‘missing link.’ However, we must make sure the proposed route is the safest option for all users. The current proposal does place a multi-use trail through an industrial area, which raises some real safety concerns for users. I do not oppose the proposed route, but I think the Environmental Impact Statement process that is currently underway will provide an important ‘second look’ to make sure we make the best choice.

SDOT is now working on an EIS to survey the route between the Ballard Fred Meyer and the Locks along Shilshole. The alternative route proposed by some local business owners along Leary Ave NE onto Market St via a cycle track is not ideal either as it would not provide as direct a connection and is not a separate trail. My own preference is that we implement an engineered solution to the safety problem, one that uses the planned public right-of-way in Ballard but which channels the bike traffic and protects the entry points into the Lake Union industrial businesses. I believe the outcome of the current EIS will help us to reach a positive outcome that completes the trail in a timely way while protecting the safety of cyclists and the viability of local businesses.” (comments reposted from Seattle Bike Blog).


Mike McGinn at 2009 Missing Link Rally, Photo by Luke McGuff


2009 Missing Link Rally, Photo by Luke McGuff

In conducting some of my research on the Missing Link I came across the following image from a October 2009 Missing Link rally (with a claimed attendance of 250 people), featuring now incumbent mayor Mike McGinn.


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