Copenhagen’s Major Bicycle Share Upgrade, v4.0


Copenhagen formally announced their new Bicycle Share program in August after being delayed several times, but it is still not open to the public. However, after interviewing an employee of Cycle DK who was working on the bicycles at the City Hall Square yesterday, he said that they are still in a closed testing phase, and plan to open to the public on November 22nd.


These bicycles are fancy, with a table PC mounted on the handle bars (it locks/unlocks and pays for the bike and much, much more), and the option to use the built in electric assist feature. This style is known as Bike Share 4.0 (2nd generation was coin deposit and 3rd generation high-tech/credit card swipe – most common today).

BikeSahreFrontCPHThere are some more good photos on the Copenhagen City Bike Facebook Page.

GoBike is the company providing the bicycles. The video below shows the features of the bicycle. However, the model they show in the video is not what is on the streets of Copenhagen. (two main differences are the battery and a belt instead of a chain-less drive train.


(see feature details)

Perhaps the electric assist might be a way to address some of the topography challenges in Seattle? It might be too late to be incorporated into the Puget Sound Bike Share’s planned Spring 2014 launch.

It will be interesting to see how the latest version of bike share fairs in Copenhagen. Sadly, I’ll miss the opening of the system to the public as I return to Seattle on the same day of the public opening!



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