Complete Streets Book, Seattle Policy

CompletingOurStreetsCoverA new post from my other blog regarding Complete Streets and Seattle’s Policy.

Seattle Shared Streets Blog

A new resource is available for understanding and implementing complete street policies.

As a quick introduction, Kaid Benefield explains in a recent article from The Atlantic Cities, A Brief History of How ‘Complete Streets’ Became Hip, that Complete Streets are, “based on the simple but powerful notion that streets should safely accommodate not just automobiles but also pedestrians, bicyclists and public transit users.”


This article is mostly a review of Barbara McCann’s new book Completing Our Streets: The Transition To Safe And Inclusive Transportation Networks. The concepts she promotes closely match what we are aiming to address with our book on strategies for adapting streets for a shared right-of-way.  Our approach is much more graphic and diagrammatic, however the idea that these projects can be implemented at a smaller scale or piloted and tested is similar.  

McCann is explicit on the advantages of the process of incremental change and how…

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