About Mike Schwindeller

Mike is currently a Capital Projects Coordinator at Seattle Parks and Recreation. He continues to focus on bicycle facilities as an integral part of project teams on several multi-use trails throughout the city. Mike completed his Masters of Landscape Architecture degree in June 2014 with the completion of his thesis: “Negotiating Ballard’s Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail: How Bicycle Infrastructure Can Integrate a Sustainable Design Solution.” His education at the University of Washington and participation in the Scan|Design Foundation Travel-Study/Master Studio influenced his perception and approach to the planning and design of correctly scaled, engaging, and multi-functional public spaces.


In 2013, Mike interned for the Green Futures Research and Design Lab.  He collaborated with fellow graduate student Jordan Lewis on a handbook entitled “Adaptive Streets: Strategies for Transforming the Urban Right-Of-Way.” This document won the 2014 American Society of Landscape Architects Student Award and showcases strategies and visions for Seattle’s shared right-of-way. Mike was also awarded the Scan|Design Internship during his last year of his graduate program. He lived in Copenhagen for three months and worked for the Danish urban design studio  Schulze + Grassov.

Mike is originally from Queens, NY, and earned a Bachelor of Music degree (saxophone) from Syracuse University before moving to Seattle in 2002. He worked for seven years at a social justice organization focused on corporate social and environmental responsibility before returning to school. 


Mike has a diverse set of interests from backpacking, to bike racing, to ultimate frisbee. Mike’s team oriented work ethic and twenty years of practice earned him and his team the National Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee Gold Medal (2007),  World Championship Bronze Medal (2008), National Silver Medal (2008).

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